My pita bread recipe

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

So i'm just going to bite the bullet and share my tweaked and many times over baked pita bread recipe. It's more on the side of lebanese bread, because its soft and not so burnt like the neighboring egyptian one. Ive been trying and trying to recreate the egyptian style pita bread but it has proved itself difficult without a pizza oven style oven. And from watching all those pro ladies on YouTube making it, it is such a wet dough. I'm going to try again to recreate it, but for now, we're happy in this house with this pita bread. It makes great cheese sandwiches and a vessel for the yummy yummy homemade hummus.

I've even made a beetroot version with beetroot powder and turmeric version. The taste is very subtle and the colour attractive even to little hands. I bet you can make it with every vegetable powder out there and make it healthy.

My Pita Bread

100 gm whole wheat flour

350 gm all purpose or bread flour

8 gm instant dry yeast

18 gm honey or other liquid sweetener

6 gm salt

350 gm water or a mix of water and milk

Add all the dry ingredients and honey in a stand mixer, on low speed let the ingredients mix together a little.

Slowly introduce the water, or the water milk mixture. It'll start to clump and come together. Add all the amount and let it run on low speed until there's no dry flour.

Increase the speed and let it knead for 7-10 minutes until its smooth and doesn't look shaggy. It's important to knead it enough for the gluten to form.

Cover it with a kitchen towel and let it rest for 1 hour or doubled in size. It might need more time if the room is cold.

Preheat the oven to its highest heat that it can go. My oven reads 230C 425F. The higher the better and position the rack on the highest rack.

Transfer the dough on your countertop and give it a few light kneads. It'll feel slightly sticky, but don't add any flour at this point. Divide the dough evenly to as many or as little as you want. I usually like to make smaller pita bread and grab two if needed instead of grabbing a big one and not finishing it. Especially with the little one around, the small ones are more attractive for her. And that'd be divided into 16. If it looks small now, it'll puff up more as it rests.

I don't give it much time for the second rest, just after dividing the whole batch i go back to the first piece i set aside and work backwards from there.

Sprinkle some whole wheat flour on the countertop and with a rolling pin, flatten it into a disk about 5 mm thick. If the dough bounces back too much, let it rest a bit more and it won't resist.

Place it on a baking tray, mine fits 4 at a time. Then bake until it puffs and gets a slight golden colour on top. I always just keep an eye on the oven rather than use the timer. Not everyday is the same with these bread. Once its puffed and you're happy with the colour, put it on a cooling and rack and let it cool.

Then DONE, enjoy it with chicken shawarma, or just a bit of cheese or some homemade hummus.

Note: Everything is written in grams, because i weigh everything on a digital scale, even the liquid measurements.

I like to freeze them while it's slightly warm, keeps it fresh and moist and you can toast it in the oven/toaster, or on direct fire charred like my husband likes it.


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